Jen Fisher - Artist

The holidays are a busy time of year.  I was especially stressed out this year.  I really wanted to work on my projects, but just had no time and I think that was upping my stress level.  I just didn't have the time.  So instead, I focused on entering shows.  Only two, but it's better than nothing.  One is next month at MFA in Annapolis, Md. (assuming I make the cut) and one is in February in Centreville, Md.  The latter will be fun since it's the QACAC's fundraiser show.  I felt a lot better knowing I wasn't completely slacking on my artwork during the holidays. 

I took my now husband to The Corcoran Gallery in D.C. for our second date.   Niagra by Frederic Church hangs there.  One of my favorites.  The water is so clear, realistic and beautiful it makes me want to drink some.  We sat on the bench in front of the painting for a while.  Finally I said, "Doesn't it make you thirsty?".  His response was, "Mmmmm......... beer......."    

I should have known then the sarcasm I would have to endure for the next 14 years.  


Despite that first attempt at talking with him about art, he is really quite insightful.  I often struggle with assessing my work through the process and also at the end.  Sometimes I'm not sure when it's done, although I have gotten better at that as the years have gone on.  My husband really helps me with my uncertainty.   He's really good at being honest, in a kind way, when answering my questions or critiqing when necessary.   Talking with artists about your work, and theirs, is so helpful and inspiring, but talking with a non-artist about it helps me with how my work might be percieved by a wider audience.  I find his advice and point of view invaluable.  And no, I have never painted him a beer.  

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